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Palm Beach County issues 2 new executive orders

Palm Beach county has issued two new executive orders.

The first order is to shut down all non-critical businesses. For example, retail stores, and commercial operations. Those businesses are allowed minimal operations like payroll, security and online shopping as long as there are no customers in their stores.

The first order does not shut down essential businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, delivery businesses and day cares, with restrictions.

The second order is to shut down all golf courses, and public parks.

Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner said these new directives are not shelter-in-place. “Some may see this as a precursor to shelter-in-place. Some may not,” he said. “Those orders will be forthcoming depending on how the community reacts and abides by these current orders.”

Kerner made sure to note that the city plans to hand out more executive orders.