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Palm Beach County corrections deputies arrested, accused of smuggling drugs into jail

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Two Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office corrections deputies were arrested on Tuesday and are accused of smuggling drugs into the county jail.

Deputies Karl Kirkland and Jose Gutierrez were arrested for allegedly smuggling drugs into the jail. Kirkland faces charges of introducing contraband into a county facility and trafficking methamphetamine. Gutierrez faces charges of conspiracy to introduce contraband into a county detention facility and possession of marijuana.

According to probable cause affidavits, the arrests were the result of an investigation into corrections deputies assisting inmates with bringing contraband into the jail.

Investigators discovered that one inmate was contacting a woman who arranged a meeting with Kirkland so that he can “help her wrap the presents.” On Monday, the woman identified as Isabel Rosario, met up with Kirkland at a McDonald’s, the same day Kirkland was suppose to work at the jail.

Detectives were nearby in a surveillance van where they watched Rosario hand Kirkland a brown bag “with what appeared to be a pink in color object.” Investigators followed Kirkland as he drove south on I-95 toward the jail, drove past it and to a nearby gas station on the corner of Military Trail and Gun Club Road. Investigators said he stopped near the gas pumps before driving back toward the jail.

Detectives went to the gas station and located the bag inside the garbage can. According to the affidavit, inside the bag were “correspondence, loose cigarettes and a clear plastic baggie containing 31 grams” of methamphetamine.

Kirkland was taken into custody as he arrived for work.

A probable cause affidavit for Gutierrez alleges that he received a food delivery at the jail. Inside the Domino’s pizza box and two Domino’s sandwich bags were two plastic bags containing marijuana.

Gutierrez denied ordering the pizza.

Kirkland appeared in court Wednesday morning, when his bond was set at $165,000. Gutierrez’s bond has been set at $11,000.