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Pack of dogs kills public health worker

Police FB - Shirenna (6)
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

A public health worker in Alabama has died after she was attacked by a pack of dogs while investigating an earlier attack at a home.
The incident occurred on Friday, April 29 in Red Bay.
According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, the victim Jacqueline Summer Beard, was at the home to follow up on an incident that occurred earlier in the week where the dogs attacked a woman.
Investigators believe that Beard was attempting to get in contact with the dogs owners when she was attacked.
The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office was eventually called to the area after neighbors noticed a suspicious vehicle.
When they arrived, they found Beard dead at the scene.
While deputies were on the scene, they witnessed the dogs attacking other residents and were forced to euthanize them.
Authorities eventually made contact with the dogs owner and arrested her on manslaughter charges.