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Outdoor dining banned in Martin County starting July 1

Zoe Sianis, Mike Priest
Zoe Sianis, left, and her friend Mike Priest share a laugh as they sit in the outside dining area of Bonny & Read’s Toucan Hideout along the Broadwalk on Hollywood beach, Tuesday, May 19, 2020, in Hollywood, Fla. Broward County started a phased reopening on May 18th. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Stuart is not the place you think of when you make reservations for a fine dining experience outside on the patio.

By U.S. 1 and Kanner Highway in Stuart, Nancy’s Pizza set up a tent.

The owner said it became a lifesaver last year.

This was one of a number of temporary dining places set up during the pandemic where business owners did not have to get permits for outdoor dining.

New CDC guidance regarding masks and social distancing, the county says it needs to go.

“I think everybody is excited to return to normal operations, “said Bethany Alex, spokeswoman for Martin County.

July 1, temporary dining areas are no more.

The executive order won’t affect downtown Stuart.

“We actually had our own state of emergency that included allowing outdoor dining throughout the city so there were a few restaurants that took advantage of that downtown,” said David Dyess, Stuart City Manager.

“Having that outdoor atmosphere brought diners to the location, and customers to that location, “said Dyess.

“Safety is our first priority here as we allow businesses to get back to normal operations,” said Alex.