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Orlando waitress uses secret sign to help rescue abused boy

An observant server in Orlando, Florida is being credited with saving a victim of child abuse.
Flavaine Carvalho was serving dinner to the family at “Mrs. Potato” when she noticed that the young boy wasn’t allowed to order food.
She also noticed bruises on his face. That’s when she flashed him a sign to see if he was ok.
FL-Waitress Saves Child – Could See My Sign
“I was able to show him sign, he could see me but the parents don’t” The sign said ‘do you need help’….The boy nodded ‘yes’ after three attempts.
That’s when Carvalho picked up the phone and called 911.
Orlando police Detective Erin Lawler was emotional during a news conference, “It was on going abuse and torture that this child was sustaining.”
The 11-year-old’s mother Kristen Swann and his stepfather, Timothy Wilson II were arrested on child neglect and abuse charges.