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Orlando Police officer accused of stealing dead man’s credit card

Osceola County jail
Osceola County jail

Orlando, FL– A St. Cloud Police Officer is facing several charges after she allegedly stole a dead man’s credit card and used it to make personal purchases.
Dianne Ferreira was taken into custody on Wednesday after an investigation found that she was behind several fraudulent charges made on the victim’s account after his death.
Authorities say 25-year-old Ferreira gain access to the victim’s personal information after responding to the home last month when his death was reported.
Ferreira reportedly took several pictures of the victim’s credit cards and ID.
“You got to be a pretty cold-hearted person to go to someone’s house where her husband or her loved one has just passed away and going to start taking snapshots of a credit card,” Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez told reporters. “That’s pretty cold, you know, pretty ruthless.”
Ferreira was said to have made personal purchases using the card including, fast food stops, hotel stays and eyelashes appointments.

According to the report, Ferreira racked up a $450 bill.
“The information uncovered during this investigation shocked and appalled me,” St. Cloud Police Chief Douglas Goerke said. “It directly violated everything expected of our law enforcement officers.”
Ferreira was taken into custody using her own handcuffs.
She was booked early Tuesday evening at the Osceola County jail on charges of suspicion of theft of a credit card with intent to use, credit card fraud of more than $100, and use of ID of a dead person