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One of two infants missing after mother’s vehicle stolen while she picked up delivery

Columbus Police

Columbus, OH — Officials in Ohio are searching for a missing 5-month-old boy who was inside of his mother’s vehicle when it was stolen.
The incident occurred Monday around 9:00 p.m. outside of the Donatos Pizzeria at East 1st Avenue and North High Street.
Investigators say the mother of the child was working as a DoorDash driver and left the missing 5-month-old and his twin in a running vehicle while she picked up an order.
Once the mother went inside of the Pizzeria, a homeless woman identified as 24-year-old Nalah Jackson, exited the establishment and drove off in the running vehicle with the twins.
On Tuesday, officials located one of the infants near Dayton International Airport after receiving a phone call from a witness who noticed the child alone.
He has since been reunited with his father.
The mother’s vehicle and the other twin, Kason, are still missing.
Authorities say they have surveillance video of the Jackson asking a gas station attendant for money but they have not had any sightings of her or the child since.
Authorities are asking the public to look out for a 2010 black Honda Accord with a torn Ohio registration sticker on the rear bumper. The vehicle also has a white bumper sticker that says, “Westside City Toys.”
“This car has to be somewhere,” First Assistant Chief of Police LaShanna Potts said. “This person has to be somewhere and she’s with a 5-month-old and so if people just see anything that looks out of the ordinary, we’re asking that you bring us the tips. We want to bring his baby home.”