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On ramp lights added to I-95 in Palm Beach

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 The Florida Department of Transportation has officially rolled out on-ramp signals on I-95 in Palm Beach County to assist with the flow of traffic.

The signals which went to effect on Monday afternoon, will operate at the Cypress Creek Road, Atlantic Boulevard and Palmetto Park Road entrance ramps during peak hours of traffic and during significant delays.

When the lights are in operation, the driver is required to pull up to the white line and wait for the light to turn green before merging on to the on-ramp.

According to FDOT Operations Specialist Mairelys Gensler, the technology is able to detect the flow of traffic and will alert the driver of an opening.

“If you look at it from an individual perspective on the ramp, it seems like, ‘I’m stopping, so how is this better?’ But, overall, on I-95 the traffic will flow better,” Mairelys said. “So, if you’re trying to get from point A to point C, you’re going to get there relatively faster, even if you stop at that ramp for a couple seconds.”

The Broward Regional Traffic Management Center will be in charge of maintaining the system and making adjustments as needed.

While the signal lights are only in a select few locations at the moment, FDOT plans to install the lights at more locations in Palm Beach County in the coming years.