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Ohio teen in foster care will attend Harvard University

What a great start to a challenging year for Kelisha Williams.

Being in the foster care system is already a tough situation but Williams made the best out of her situation and worked really hard to get into Harvard University.

The Ohio teenager in the foster care system told her teachers when she was young that she wanted to be the president when she grew up. Now anything is possible for this young lady as she prepares to head to Harvard University in the fall.

Kelisha Williams entered the foster care system at 16 years old, and she said it has been a tough few years. She moved five times in less than two years before ending up with SAFY foster mom Maria Finkenstead.

“Maria is definitely easy going, “Williams said. “Probably the most easygoing parent I’ve had.”

Williams applied to 24 schools, including her dream school, the University of Southern California, and all the Ivy League schools.

“When I applied to Harvard, I applied as a joke,” Williams said. “I didn’t think I was going to get in.”

“She’s done all the work. All the determination has come from her,” Finkenstead said. “I take no credit in any of her accomplishments.”

As part of Harvard’s admissions interview, Williams spoke with Michelle Obama. During the interviews asked Obama how she kept going with so many people working against her.

Williams said Obama told her you just have to keep going. No one’s ever fully always on your side.

Now, Williams is preparing to study political science and psychology on a full-ride scholarship to Harvard.

“To any of the foster kids that are watching, everyone always says it’s going to get better. I never use to believe that when I was going through it and stuff like that, “Williams said. “Eventually it does”