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Officials: Florida Man Called 911 Threatening to Kill Kids at Party

Officials near Jacksonville say they arrested a 57-year-old man over the weekend after he allegedly called 911 and threatened to kill people at a house party in his neighborhood.

According to the reports, Yulee resident Anthony Ninham Schuler threatened to begin shooting at the party and “kill a bunch of children.”

“I’m about to waste about 20 of them right now,” Schuler told the dispatcher.

He also claimed he had “so many guns right now, I’m about to blow the whole house up.”

Deputies responding to the home found a large party taking place with adults and children.

They eventually found Schuler in an upstairs bedroom at the home where the party was taking place. He was described as being “very intoxicated.”

Schuler was charged with making threats to kill and misuse of 911.

He remains in jail on $55,000 bond.