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Officer manages to subdue suspect despite being shot in head

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(Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images)

A Dayton, Ohio police officer managed subdue a suspect during a shoot out and secure the scene despite being shot in the face. The incident occurred on September 22nd near 609 Ingram St. around 7:30 p.m. Officials say officer Thadeu Holloway was called to a Dollar General store to investigate a fake bill that a customer who had already left the store, tried to use. Holloway managed to track down a suspect matching the description of the customer a few blocks away from the store and attempted to make contact with him. The officer approached the suspect identified as 39-year-old Antwyane Deon Lowe, and began speaking with him and that’s when an altercation began.  Lowe punched the officer and attempted to run away from the scene.  That’s when officer Holloway pulled out his taser. Despite being tased, the suspect managed to pull out a gun and fired at the officer. Bodycam video shows Holloway being struck by a bullet and falling to the ground: “The officer fell to the ground and immediately returned fire with five rounds, striking the suspect multiple times. Despite his injuries, the officer was able to effectively request assistance for himself and the wounded suspect. The officer also provided for the safety of witnesses and bystanders by directing them to a place of safety,” Dayton Police Department, Matt Carper said during the media briefing.

“609 Ingram. I’ve been shot. … I returned fire. I need medics and I need crews, please,” Holloway told dispatchers. “609 Ingram. Please hurry. I’ve been shot on the left side of my head. I can barely hear my earpiece.” Officer Holloway was driven to an area hospital by another officer where he remains in stable condition. Lowe was provided medical assistance at the scene and then taken to an area hospital in critical condition but as of Wednesday night, his status was upgraded to stable condition. He is facing several charges including two counts of felonious assault on a police officer as well as carrying a concealed weapon, weapons under disability and counterfeiting.