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Off-Duty First Responder saves baby’s life during parade in Florida

Ambulance Staff in Attendance

(POLK COUNTY, FL)– A First responder is being called a hero after he saved a child’s life after she stopped breathing during a parade. 

The incident occurred during the Havendale Christmas Parade last week. 

The child and her family were on one of the floats when the child suddenly stopped breathing. 

According to the report, several people in the crowd told the parents on the float that the child did not look so good. 

“Her eyes were just beat red. They were bulging out. Her lips were turning a different color. You could tell there was no oxygen getting into her,” her mother Kerstin Brower told WFLA-TV.

The family worked to try to get to child breathe again but nothing was working. 

That’s when Polk County Fire Rescue special operations paramedic Dustin Bovill, jumped onto the float and offered his assistance. 

Bovill who was off-duty at the time carefully struck the child’s back and she began breathing again. 

“He’s like, I know what I’m doing, I can help her. It was just that instinct, can I trust a stranger with my child’s life right now? Can I do that?” Kerstin Brower said.

Bovill stayed on the float with the family until the child could be checked out by a rescue truck. 

The family says they are grateful for Bovill and are still in touch with him.