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NYC VIDEO: How to prepare for a nuclear attack

(NEW YORK CITY) — “Don’t worry guys, we’re all in this together!”
NYC Emergency Management has released an ominous step-by-step guide Monday on how to prepare for a nuclear attack.
The 90 second video opens to shots of a demolished city. “So there’s been a nuclear attack”, an announcer says, bearing a smile.
“Don’t ask me how or why, just know the big one has hit. Ok! So…what do we do now?”
The PSA revealed three important steps to follow:
Step 1: Get inside. Evacuate to the nearest building and try to limit exposure to the outside.
Step 2: Stay Inside. Close all doors and windows. Remain in the middle of a building or evacuate to a basement.
Step 3: Stay tuned. Follow NYC Emergency Management for official alerts on when it’s safe to go outside.
Of course step three is contingent on whether or not the power grid is still up and running in addition to cell service availability.
The main concern, of course, is nuclear fallout and exposure to radiation. Anyone caught in the blast must immediately clean themselves with soap, assuming the shower still works, and dispose of the contaminated clothes. 
Viewers were encouraged to sign up for notifications and alerts by visiting here.
“All right! You’ve got this…” says the announcer. 
The YouTube channel of NYC Emergency Management disabled comments for the nuclear preparedness video, but ironically, comments for other PSA’s were left on, and viewers didn’t shy away from expressing their thoughts:
“Why did you turn off the comments on the nuclear attack video you uploaded on 7-11-21 at 11:30 am? Also, why did you decide to upload a nuclear attack video? Got something planned? Who’s making the decision to “pull it” this time?”
“Just wear a paper mask, you’ll be fine.”
NYC Emergency Management prides itself on making “New York City the most ready and resilient it can be. NYC Emergency Management consists of the best and brightest emergency management professionals in the world that proudly represent the communities they serve.”
The government agency removed the Tweet regarding the video.  We found it here.

Staff writer, Julianna Caban, contributed to this story.