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NY Gov. Cuomo Eyes Graduation COVID-19 Cluster with FL Link

Andrew Cuomo
FILE- In this March 24, 2020, file photo, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference at the Jacob Javits Center in New York (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File)

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says a high school student who contracted COVID-19 during a recent trip to Florida infected four other students when they returned for a graduation event on Saturday, June 20.

The state’s contact tracing team is trying to locate people who have come into contact with the unidentified student from Horace Greeley High School, which is located in Westchester County.

At the time, the student had not yet developed symptoms of the virus and was unaware of the infection.

The person had also returned to New York before Cuomo ordered a 14-day quarantine for those arriving in that state from eight coronavirus hot spots, which include Florida.

‘We’re prepared to do the aggressive testing and contact tracing required to slow and ultimately control any potential clusters of new cases like the one in Westchester County,’ Cuomo stated Friday

The “drive-in” graduation ceremony was held at a train station, although attendees reported that not everyone stayed in their cars.

One of the infected students later went to a second event following the graduation, and came into contact there with students from other schools in the area.

New York has recently gone from being among the worst-affected states to being one of the few that are on track to contain the coronavirus.

In order to stop a second wave, Cuomo announced the new mandatory quarantine order last Wednesday for people arriving from Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, and Texas.

Those who do not follow the 14-day quarantine period risk a $10,000 fine.

“In New York, it’s a travel advisory, you are informed you should quarantine for 14 days,” said Cuomo on Wednesday.

However, The requirements do not apply to any individual passing through designated states for a limited duration, such as connecting on a plane or driving through the state.