Norwegian Scientists Developing Technology to Stop Hurricanes

Category 5 Hurricane Dorian, September 10, 2019

A group of scientists at a Norwegian company are working on creating technology they say will stop hurricanes from impacting and devastating areas such as South Florida.

The energy is there, the solution is there, it’s just the will,” says Olav Bjørnsund Hollingsæter, CEO of OceanTherm.

OceanTherm scientists believe that hurricanes can be stopped by changing the ocean’s surface temperature using pipes.

Hollingsæter adds, “We want to lift up the cold water and mix it with the warm water on the surface, thereby reducing the energy source for the hurricanes.”

The technology already exists and is currently being used in Norway.

The company states it simply needs funding to take that technology to the next level.

For that purpose, Hollingsæter and his colleagues in South Florida, meeting with FPL’s parent company, NextEra Energy, among others.

They are seeking about $1.5 million to conduct the necessary testing over the next year.

If the tests are successful, OceanTherm will try to run a pilot program in Florida and the Gulf of Mexico in 2021, and could be taking out storms as early as 2023.