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No, Trump Did Not Say To Ingest Lysol Spray. Fake News Explained

By Stephen Diener

We are here to make sure that you are getting real news, so let’s clear this up for everyone real quick.

If you turn on any of the left leaning news stations or read any of the news articles, then you will see in big bold writing the newest fake news controversy.

“Trump dangerously suggests ingesting Lysol to prevent infection.”

Yeah, no. He didn’t say that.

What he did say was that he was being presented with different ideas by experts on how to avoid or help in the infection, which included a disinfectant type of treatment for the body. He never said or would say to ingest poison, which is what those cleaning agents are if you put them in your body.

So, again, it is worth repeating. The President did NOT say to ingest Lysol. That would kill you!

Fake news hacks.

But we have you covered.