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No, Putting A Hair Dryer In Your Face Won’t Stop Coronavirus

Unless the advice comes from a doctor or a verified news source, it’s best to keep moving on when you see some social media post purporting to prevent, detect, or cure the coronavirus.

Drinking water won’t stop an infection, nor will drinking bleach. The latest measure, breathing in hot air, doesn’t work either.

In a video shared by so-called “futurologist” Dän Lee Dimke, sticking a hair dryer in your face or sitting in a sauna will kill the virus. As Snopes points out, no credible medical professional would endorse this as it’s not scientifically possible.

With no vaccine or therapeutic treatment out yet to deal with COVID-19, the CDC’s best recommendations are social distancing, plenty of handwashing, and not touching your face.

How can we get the social media sites to take misinformation more seriously?