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“No one f*cks with a Biden”; President says on hot mic to Fort Myers beach mayor

(FORT MYERS, FLA) — President Biden made a brief trip Wednesday to a devastated Fort Myers to assess damage following the rath of Hurricane Ian.

Biden also held a joint press conference with Gov. Ron Desantis to discuss relief assistance moving forward.

A hot mic captured the President discussing the hurricane with Fort Myers Beach mayor Ray Murphy, and resorted to profanity saying: “No one f*cks with a Biden.”

Murphy responded, “Yeah, you’re goddamn right.”

Desantis and POTUS set aside political differences, praising each-other for recovery effort following Hurricane Ian.

“Today we have one job and only one job, and that’s to make sure the people in Florida get everything they need to fully, thoroughly recover,” Biden asserted in a demolished community. “It’s going to take a hell of a long time, hopefully without any snags in the way.”