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No Landing Gear, No Problem! Young Pilot Makes Miracle Landing

A 21-year-old rookie pilot was given a helpful hand from an experienced pilot after she was told that her landing gear was missing. The older pilot assisted the younger landing the small aircraft safely-despite it missing its front wheel.   The dramatic incident was caught on camera as 21-year-old Taylor Hash safely landed a two-seat, single-engine Diamond DA20-C1 aircraft at Oakland County International Airport in Waterford, Michigan on March 24.   “Pre-flight the aircraft was normal, I checked that everything was good, did an exterior check and everything looked great,” Hash told FOX 2. “I got in the plane, started the engine up, called on the radio and asked for clearance to taxi to the runway. Everything was perfectly fine.”  Chris Yates, an experienced pilot from California, saw that aircraft Hash was flying solo was missing landing gear and immediately called radioed air traffic control, who in turn radioed Hash.