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Nik Cruz defense suddenly rests its case in sentencing trial

(FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA) — It appears the sentencing trial for the convicted Parkland school shooter will be over sooner than expected.
Wednesday, the defense unexpectedly rested its case in the life-or-death trial of admitted school shooter Nikolas Cruz.
Cruz’s attorneys had told the court they were calling 80 witnesses, but ended their presentation abruptly after calling only 25.
Judge Elizabeth Scherer blasted the defense calling them “unprofessional.”

Prosecutors were caught off guard and said they were not ready for rebuttal.
The state immediately asked for more time to plan a rebuttal as they were expecting more witnesses from the defense.
Jurors will be back in court for the rebuttal Tuesday September 27th with closing arguments expected to begin the week of October 10th.
Just one juror is needed to vote against the death penalty for Cruz to be sentenced to life behind bars for killing 17 and injuring 17 others on Valentine’s Day 2018 at a Parkland high school .