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Nick Saban’s Zoom call with unnamed recruit recorded and leaked

Last week, a video of an alleged recruiting pitch by Alabama head coach Nick Saban leaked on social media.
Saban, who coached the Miami Dolphins briefly in 2004-05, is a seven-time national champion who enjoys recruiting the best athletes for the University of Alabama football program.
With each recruit, he breaks down the tactics of the recruiting game and explains why the Crimson Tide is the best program for it.
One recruit decided to record Saban’s message via Zoom and shared it on Twitter.

In the video, Saban argues that the biggest way other top college teams negatively recruit against Alabama is by suggesting to recruits the Crimson Tide have too many good players and a prospective recruit will not see the field right away. Saban puts that rumor to bed with a terrific three-pronged answer, one that would make anyone want to commit to Alabama.

The first is he feels that notion is dumb because if a guy was not good enough to play at Alabama, why would he be recruiting him in the first place? His second point is by another school even suggesting this, it essentially means they are admitting to not being anywhere as good as Alabama. And third, he believes players whole-heartedly embrace the competition at his program.