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NHC Director Ken Graham joins Morning Show for start of Hurricane Season

Ken Graham
National Hurricane Center director Ken Graham, gestures as he talks about storm surge during a televised update on the status of Hurricane Michael, Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018, at the Hurricane Center in Miami. At least 120,000 people along the Florida Panhandle were ordered to clear out Tuesday as Hurricane Michael rapidly picked up steam in the Gulf of Mexico and closed in with winds of 110 mph (175 kph) and a potential storm surge of 12 feet (3.7 meters). (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane season has arrived and the director of the National Hurricane Center, Ken Graham joined Jen and Bill on The South Florida Morning Show for the latest update on what to expect.

According the Graham, the system that hit Mexico, Hurricane Agatha could dissipate and re-emerge in the Gulf of Mexico as Tropical Storm Alex and be a rainmaker for Florida by the weekend.

Agatha killed  nearly a dozen people and 20 are still missing after the Category 2 storm hit Mexico as a Pacific Ocean storm.

Graham says it is rare for a storm to form in the Pacific and then continue on into the Atlantic basin.  In most cases it retains the original name, but in the case of this system, the name will change because the storm will dissipate and then regenerate in the Gulf.

The NHC actually does the forecasting for 28 countries including the U.S., according to Graham.

Graham also told Jen and Bill about technical advances made in the past year at the National Hurricane Center.  He says the NHC is able to provide more accurate evacuation instructions so that less people will be displaced before a storm, but will still remain safe.

He also told listeners to rely on the Hurricane Center’s projections and not the spaghetti models because the NHC is right more often than the models.

Forecasters are predicting another average year with about 14 named storms and as many as 4 major Hurricanes making landfall. The most active months during the season are typically August September and October when the Atlantic ocean is at its warmest.

For more information got to www.hurricanes.gov

Here is the latest forecast track for what could become Tropical Storm Alex.

alex cone

Listen to the full interview with NHC Director Ken Graham here.