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NFL football players in trouble, or not?

Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers (considered the best in the NFL) may have tested positive or may have been exposed to another person with COVID, therefore he will not play this weekend.
The quarterback will miss Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs and according to league protocol isn’t eligible to play until November 13th.
In addition, there is a question as to whether he is fully vaccinated by NFL standards. He says he is “immunized.”
The NFL has issued a statement saying the league is aware of the situation in Green Bay and will be reviewing the matter with the Packers.
Unvaccinated players are subject to fines for not following COVID guidelines, and could face a suspension of up to four games.

New videos show the moments before and after the deadly DUI crash allegedly caused by former Las Vegas Raider Henry Ruggs the Third. It shows Ruggs and his girlfriend sobbing on a street in Las Vegas with the victim’s burning car in the background. Ruggs then tells his girlfriend to “stop yelling,” before she grabs his face and apologizes repeatedly. Investigators say Ruggs was driving his Corvette at a speed of 156-miles-per-hour before rear-ending an SUV, killing its 23-year-old driver and her dog. Ruggs has been released from jail on 150-thousand-dollars bail, and is due in court next Wednesday.

How has the league handled other football players in similar situations? Well, in 2009, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth received a 30 day jail sentence today for killing a pedestrian while driving drunk in Florida. Stallworth pleaded guilty in 2009 to manslaughter while driving under the influence of alcohol in exchange for a lighter sentence. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail for the car crash that killed a pedestrian in Miami Beach.
The player had faced up to 15 years in jail for the death of 59-year-old construction worker Mario Reyes, who apparently was running across the street to catch a bus when the athlete hit him with his car March 14.
The average jail sentence for similar crimes in Florida is 10 years, but Stallworth reached a confidential financial settlement with Reyes’ family.