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News Flash: Masks On Our Kids Are As Useless As The Politicians Who Push Them


By Stephen Diener


Take a quick look at this still shot…


How does that make you feel? I can certainly tell you how it makes me feel…

That stomach-turning, dare I say vomit-inducing photo was taken a couple of weeks ago when Georgia politician, queen of the hypocrites, and all-around disgusting human being, Stacey Abrams, went to visit an elementary school for her own political gain. But instead, it turned into a nightmare.

Abrams had to go on the obligatory apology tour when everyone realized how bad this photo looked as she sat there with that Cheshire grin on her face while every innocent child around her had to be subjected not only to her fowl presence but to the fact that she could get away with not wearing a mask while they continued to be stifled behind that useless cloth covering their little faces.

Even though this picture was taken about two weeks ago, it still serves as a shining example of the lack of empathy these Cretans have for our children. This photo enraged me when I first saw it, and it still does today, clearly. It enrages me because it shows what most of us have already known, that our kids are being used as political pawns in a twisted game of chess. That said, I do believe that in every bad situation, there is a silver lining to be found, and that is no different here.

As mask mandates begin to drop in liberal blue states for everyone but kids, it’s almost like this vile photo had to be taken in order for the country to wake up and see the truth. An unmasking of lies if you will. So, what is the truth?

The truth is, slimy politicians like Abrams could not care less about you or your children. The truth is, they want to continue to keep you in fear so they can continue to control you. And if they can’t make you afraid for your own well-being anymore, then they go after your kids. They use erroneous reports from so-called experts to tell you that your children will be hospitalized, or maybe worse if they don’t mask up in schools and public settings. The truth is, our children are statistically more likely to be hospitalized or worse due to a car accident on the way to school. The truth is, this is not the Covid of 2020, not by a long shot. This is not the Delta variant. What Covid is now is a former shell of itself. The truth is, Covid behaved like every virus before it, it mutated and mutated until it cannibalized itself and became weaker along the way. Hence the destruction of the Delta and the birth of the Omicron variant which was essentially a cold for the vast majority of the populous around the world and turned out to be more effective at creating herd immunity than the vaccine itself.

The truth is, our kids are at extremely low risk of serious infection from Covid. They always have been and they are even more now with a weaker variant that has all but died off. And lastly, the sad truth is that downright evil politicians like Abrams get off on situations like these. It makes them feel powerful in their own psychopathic and narcissistic ways. And she’s not the only one who plays these sick games. Just look at all the California politicians who were unmasked at the Super Bowl last week in LA, while then making the children wear masks at school the very next day.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Unmask our children now! Stop letting those with power tell you how to live your life or how to raise your kids. These people do not care about you, they only care about controlling you. Look through their ugly facades and think for yourself, because if we keep on letting this happen then their grip on our children and our society will only get stronger.

And that’s the truth.