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New York City removes it’s last public payphone

Pay Phones
(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

New York has officially removed its last working public payphone booth.
The booth located on 7th Ave. and 50th St. in Midtown Manhattan was unplugged Monday morning, marking the end of an era.
The city started removing the payphone booths in 2015 across the boroughs and replaced each of them with public Wi-Fi hotspots.
While it is the end of an era, the free hotspots allows for free phone calls within the U.S., access to the social services directory, and more.
The hot spots will also be upgraded to the 5G network in the summer.
Now there are still 4 full-length booths in Manhattan’s Upper West Side but, according to TMZ, the booths are “essentially museum pieces” that the younger generation uses for a backdrop in their Instagram posts.