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New waste management company in Port St. Lucie to start early September

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A city crew throws a tent into a garbage truck Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015, in Honolulu. Hundreds of people lived in the encampment over the past year, and crews were clearing the final sections of the camp. (AP Photo/Cathy Bussewitz)

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla.– Residents in Port St. Lucie have been unhappy with poor trash collecting service for months, according to our partners from WPTV.

DeVern Clemon, a resident of the area, said “We have to bring our trash out every day. Because we don’t know what day they’re going to pick it up. So you have to have it out on the curb,”

The long-awaited switch to a new waste management company will officially begin on September 5 with FCC Environmental taking over the public service.

100 employment positions will open up within FCC to help make up for the months of trash build-up.

City manager Russ Blackburn said, “We’re going to have a much better provider. They’re very well positioned to meet the expectations of the community,”

FCC has said that trash pick-up will occur once a week and residential customers should expect a 50% rate hike, an increase of $138 annually.