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New speed limit for all residential areas in Port St. Lucie

speed limit signs
(AP Photo/Kelly P. Kissel)

City leaders in Port St. Lucie have implemented a new speed limit for motorists traveling through residential areas.
On Wednesday the speed limit was dropped from 30 to 25 mph.
The move is part of a big project to make neighborhoods safer:
“Speeding is our number one complaint in the city,” said Master Officer Walter Wyckoff. “Last year we wrote over 50,000 citations throughout the city.”
Port St. Lucie police have been out and about warning motorists about the change in the speed limit.
“I think over the next 30 to 60 days we’ll focus on education,” he Wyckoff said, but after that tickets will be handed out.
“If you’re doing 20-30 miles over the speed limit, you stand a very good chance of being cited,” he continued.
The project has been a long time coming with over 1100 signs needing to be changed throughout the city.
“Port St. Lucie is a neighborhood community, so we have kids playing in the streets, pedestrians walking, bicycling, so it’s even more imperative that you slow down in our residential areas,” Wyckoff said.