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New Jobless Numbers in the Millions

Weekly jobless claims numbers are out and they’re still in the millions and Florida unemployment numbers are part of the biggest increases.

The Labor Department says 4.4 million Americans filed first-time claims for unemployment benefits last week.

That’s pretty much right in line with what analysts were expecting and is down from the previous week’s more than 6.5 million new claims.

The total claims for the past five weeks adds up to 26-million as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on the nation’s economy.

The biggest increases in claims were in Colorado, New York, Missouri, Florida, and North Carolina.

Just 40,193 Floridians who have filed for unemployment since March 15 have received their benefits, according to a new website the state launched Monday.

That’s less than 3% of the more than 1.5 million claims filed since mid March when the state saw a record surge in people furloughed or fired of work because of the coronavirus.