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New Florida laws now in effect in 2023

Ron DeSantis
Governor Ron DeSantis signs new abortion bill into law. (AP Photo/John Raoux, File)

(TALLAHASSEE, FLA) — Gov. Ron DeSantis signed six bills into law in 2022 that now into effect in 2023.

There are also ammendments to several other existing laws that also now go into effect.

New pieces of law going into effect:

Section 8 of SB 2-A: Property insurance

The bill increases the eligibility threshold for Citizens Property Insurance Corporation for policyholders (1.2 million) that renew on or after April 1, 2023. Under this new part of the law, the renewal from Citizens cannot be more than 20% more than comparable coverage from an authorized insurer.

Section 15 of CS/SB 2-D: Property insurance

Insurers must follow up and acknowledge the claims of an investigation in a certain time frame based on factors of the case. This doesn’t apply to hurricane claims.

Section 1 of SB 6-A: Toll Relief

Anyone using SunPass who records 35 or more transactions in a month will get an account credit for 50% of the transactions.

Section 4 of CS/SB 898: Lodging Standards (“Miya’s Law”)

All public housing places must require employees to go through background screenings and maintain a strict system for issuing residents’ keys to maintenance workers.

The following laws go into effect Jan. 1, 2023.

HB 273: Money services businesses

The law changes the purpose of the Florida Control of Money Laundering in Money Services Business Act to include cryptocurrency (virtual currency). It focuses on changing the duties, violations and penalties for businesses that transmit money and authorized vendors.

SB 292: Newborn screenings

This bill is an amendment that requires hospitals and birthing facilities to test newborns for congenital “cytomegalovirus” if they fail a hearing screening. For home births and birthing centers, the referral will come from the primary doctor. All screening tests must be reported to the Department of Health within a week.

SB 336: Uniform commercial code

This bill protects the free transfer of certain business interests, exempting ownership and parts of ownership interest.

SB 1062: Service of process

The the term “service of process” is changed with this bill. “Service of process” refers to the manner of delivery of legal notice which provides notice of a pending legal action, according to the bill.

SB 2514: Electronic filing of taxes

The payment threshold for filing electronically for taxpayers is lowered from $20,000 to $5,000 with this bill.

HB 7049: Legal notices

The bill allows local government agencies to publish legal notices on a publicly accessible website owned by a designated county rather than a print newspaper under specific conditions.

For a full list of the new laws going into effect, click here.