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New Florida law raises age for golf cart drivers

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(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

MARTIN COUNTY, FL– A new Florida will raise the age limit to drive a golf cart. 

Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB 949  into law Monday, raising the golf cart driving age from 14-years-old to 15 with a learner’s permit or 16 with a driver’s license.

Martin County Sheriff Will Snyder, whose county it filled with families who travel on golf carts, says it’s the change they need:

“I think it’s a good bill,” Snyder said. “We were getting a multitude of complaints. We were seeing some accidents. We did see juveniles do it and, of course, they present an even greater risk than adults because they don’t have the experience.”

Martin County has been taking its own measures to regulate the use of golf carts including only permitting golf carts on roads with a maximum speed limit of 35 mph and requiring them to have a registration, a license plate, headlights, and turn signals. 

HB 949 is expected to go into effect on Oct. 1st. 

Drivers found in violation of the law could face a noncriminal traffic violation.