New Bill Aims to Curb Bullying by Fining Parents

(Tomohiro Ohsumi/Pool Photo via AP)

A new bill is being proposed that will fine parents if their child is found to bully other children.

The bill was introduced in Pennsylvania by Rep. Frank Burns.

If the bill is approved, parents will first be notified about their child’s behavior and what action the school and if the behavior continues, the parent will be required to take a class on bullying resolution and if the child’s behavior continues on past that point, the parent will be issued a citation and will have to appear in court to face up to a $500 fine and possible community service.

“Bullying is under-reported and often unaddressed in any meaningful way,” Rep. Burns said to Fox 43. “When it’s not addressed, bullying can escalate quickly from taunts and hurtful online posts to physical assaults and-in worst cases-suicide.”

Burns hopes that holding both students and parents accountable for bullying will help curb the instances of bullying in schools and online.



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