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National Scrutiny: Florida Elementary School 6-year-old Baker Acted

A Florida law has come under national scrutiny after a 6-year-old girl was involuntarily committed to a mental health facility after an incident at a Jacksonville elementary school.

The student’s mother says her child has special needs and hyperactivity disorder. Teachers called in a mental health expert when the child allegedly started to lash out at them. That expert made the decision to Baker Act the child for 72 hours. School officials say that all the proper protocols were followed, but the child’s mother says her child is not the same after her mental evaluation away from her mother.

The Baker Act allows authorities to force a psychiatric evaluation on anyone considered to be a danger to themselves or others, but the girl’s mother says her child’s two-day internment did more harm than good.

Manuel Bojorquez spoke to Nadia Falk’s mother about the impact the law had on her daughter.