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NASA Develops Face Touch Warning Pendant

(Undated) — How many times do you touch your face in an hour? The average is 16 times. Now, a new pendant developed by NASA will warn you if you’re about to touch your face and possibly spread COVID-19. Called PULSE, the necklace vibrates when you raise your hands near your head and is most effective when it is worn six inches below your chin. The necklace is not meant to replace masks. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab has designed a 3D printable necklace that vibrates, or omits a pulse, when the wear’s hands are too close to their face. Called PULSE, the device uses an infrared proximity sensory with up to 12 inches of range and once motion is detected, a small vibration motor inside is activated. The American space agency hopes the wearable will help limit the spread of the coronavirus.

It’s not for sale, but the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has instructions online if you want to build one yourself. All it takes is a motor, wire, infrared sensor, battery, transistor, resistor and a 3-D printer.