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Naked woman found tied up in Florida storm drain

storm drain Closeup of rain water running down street gutter and flowing into storm sewer system drainage grate

Police in Fort Myers have launched an investigation after a woman was found naked and bound inside of a storm drain.

The discovery was made around 2:30 p.m. near India’s Grill on South Cleveland Avenue.

According to the report, a man leaving the restaurant heard the woman’s low-pitched cries for help and looked inside of the storm drain.

When he looked inside, he saw a naked woman with tied up by her legs at the bottom of the drain.

The Fort Myers Fire Department was called to the scene to help remove the heavy metal grate and to lift the woman out of the drain.

She was then treated at the scene and transferred to an area hospital where she received additional treatment.

Authorities say the woman was uncooperative and was unwilling to disclose information, however, they did find that she was a transient who at one point in August stayed at a nearby motel.

While they confirmed that she lived at the hotel, the staff could not identify or recognize her.