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Naked man found trapped in wall at movie theater

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Authorities in Syracuse, New York are reporting that they rescued a naked man from inside of a wall at a movie theater.

The man was discovered inside of a hallow wall cavity near the men’s bathroom at the Landmark Theater Friday, after he climbed inside of a crawl space.

The Syracuse Fire Department was called to the theater around 7:30 a.m. after employees heard a man banging and yelling from inside of the wall.

Rescuers say they used a fiber-optic camera to find out exactly where the man was and then cut through several layers of drywall and  structural clay tile to get to get him out.

According to Syracuse.com, the 39-year-old man did not appear to have any injuries but was dehydrated. He was taken to an area hospital where his condition is unknown.

Executive Director Mike Intaglietta of the theater, told reporters that they noticed the man wandering around the theater a few days earlier to either use the restroom or to get warm but they lost track of him and assumed he left.

Officials say the man was stuck inside of the wall for two days before he fell into the hallow area and was discovered.

Authorities say the man appeared to be suffering from mental illness and will not be charged.