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Mystery Object Washed up on Jupiter Island Identified!!

UPDATE: The CEO of Oneka Technologies confirmed to WPTV that the object is a wave-powered desalination buoy, which uses the power of waves to turn saltwater into drinking water.

ORIGINAL STORY: A massive, mysterious, bright yellow object with lots of wires and strange gadgets attached to it washed up on Hobe Sound beach Monday morning.

Treasure Coast locals were buzzing about the beached doodad/doohickey because no one seemed to know what was.

Ken Mears and Mike Gomes took pictures of the object that washed ashore on the north end of Jupiter Island.

The object has a large, round yellow top with a long metal arm coming out of it.

The underside is loaded with metal rods, wires, and chains, and there appears to be a tank attached to the bottom as well.

Our news partners at WPTV NewsChannel 5 tracked down the builder of the unusual find, Quebec based Oneka Technologies.

Company CEO Dragan Tutuc explained that it is a buoy that uses the power of waves to desalinize sea water, turning salt water into fresh drinking water.

It had been moored off of Fort Pierce since 2017 before breaking free last Friday while engineers were performing maintenance.

It is not known if the buoy will be returned to service after it’s removed from the shoreline.