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Multiple teens call 911 after getting sick at Air Force JROTC Military Ball in Broward

Multiple juveniles called 911 after sipping potentially spiked drinks at the Air Force JROTC Military Ball in Davie.

Around six to eight students were transported to local hospitals due to a possible overdose.  Some students reported feeling “high” after drinking the water.

Broward County Public Schools confirmed that the students who attended the ball were from Northeast High School and Coral Springs High School.

The students reported that when they returned to their tables from the dance floor for for a drink around 10 p.m., things took a turn.

“One moment, we were dancing in the ball and then the next moment, like an hour later, kids started throwing up,”  Lorenzo Toafa who attended the ball told WSVN, “and then other kids felt nauseous and stuff like that. I think one girl almost had a seizure.”

“When they drunk it, they instantly, like, instantly something happened,” said Marques Padilla who attended the ball. “It, like, happened after a little while and nobody seen, ’cause we was all distracted and the lights were all off, so we were all distracted dancing. We were having fun.”

According to WSVN,  some teens who attended the ball  believe that other students spiked their drinks.

“It wasn’t from the waiters, because the waiters, they were serving us before that dance was happening and we were all drinking water and we were all doing fine,” said Earl Cayao who attended the ball.

The condition of the students remains unknown.

Davie Fire Rescue has not revealed any additional information.