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Mother shoots child’s legal guardian and kidnaps child

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(Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images)

A 52-year-old grandmother is dead after the mother of a child under her custody shot her during a visit.
The incident was reported at a Starbucks at 4151 E. Renner Road in Richardson, Texas on Monday.
Investigators say 23-year-old Tranisa Octavin Trana Watts asked Kentoria Nicole Edwards, the child’s legal guardian, to meet her at the location so she could see the child.
During the meeting, the women got into an argument and that’s when Watts opened fire on Edwards.
Watts then reportedly tried to flee the area with the child, but authorities were able to capture her.
“Edwards is the grandmother of Watts’ child and had full custody. Watts requested to see her child and Edwards agreed they could meet at the location,” police said. “During the visit, Watts pulled out a handgun and shot Edwards and attempted to leave with the child.”
While some officials went after Watts, others provided life-saving techniques to Edwards until she could be transported to a hospital.
Edwards later died from her injuries at the hospital.
Watts is now facing Capital murder charges.