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Mother says school resource officer threatened to shoot student

The mother of a 17-year-old high school student is reporting that her son was suspended and then expelled from his school after he got into an altercation with a school resource officer who threatened to shoot him when he tried to leave campus.
The incident occurred at a River Ridge High School in Port Richey in December.
Nedra Miller says her son attempted to leave the school for a dental appointment when he got into the argument with the officer who works for the Pasco County Sheriffs’ office.
Bodycam footage shows the officer and a school discipline assistance blocking the teen’s truck as he tries to exit the parking lot.
The student tells the officer and the assistant that he has permission to leave, however, the pair accuse him of trying to skip school. Tension continues to boil over as the teen continues to try to drive past the officer and the assistant. At some point during the incident, the officer tells the teen that he will shoot him if he continues the try to drive past him.
The assistant then tells the teen that he has a choice of being suspended from school or calling his mother to prove that he had permission to leave the campus. The teen tells the assistant that he doesn’t have to call his mother.
He then parked his car and went back into the building where he was suspended until January 9th.
The teen has since been expelled from the school and sent to a school that deals with students who exhibit certain behavioral patterns or do not change their behavior.
The teen’s mother who found out about the incident on Facebook after the video went viral says the whole situation is disturbing and that the officer and assistant were out of line.
She is now appealing the district’s decision saying that her son should have not been the only one disciplined because they were all “acting like children” and that she also contacted the school months before the incident to inform them of the appointment.
She continued saying that her son should not have even been at the school that day but was dropping off a friend who missed their bus.
The Sheriff’s office says they are reviewing the incident but that, “there are no criminal complaints related to this case,” Amanda Hunter, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office told Insider.
As for the wanted outcome, Miller says “They should both be removed from their jobs.”