Mother says baby formula purchased at Walmart may have actually been flour

(AP Photo/Andy Wong)

A mother is claiming that her infant became sick after injesting what she now believes was a container of baby formula that may have been filled with flour.
The incident occurred last month in Phoenix, Arizona.
According to Madeline Roque, she purchased the formula from her local Walmart but noticed her 9-month-old daughter developed a case of gas and began throwing up the formula.
Roque says she didn’t notice that something was off until the second time she fed her daughter the formula and the samething happened.
That time she dumped the formula out into the sink and realized that the consistency did not seem right.
“When I poured the bottle in the sink and saw how it got, that’s when it hit me,” Roque told KPNX.
Roque says she now believes someone may have swapped the baby formula out with flour.
While the incident has not yet been confirmed, Walmart says they are now conducting their own investigation.
Authorities in the area also reported that they have had several reports of people purchasing baby formula, swapping it out with flour and then returning it to the store for cash.