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Mother pressing charges against parent who beat her son with a belt

A Florida City mother says she is pressing charges against another parent after that parent attacked her child at his school.
The incident occurred earlier this week at the Bethel Seventh Day Adventist private school on Redland Road.
Zendre Pollard, the victim’s mother, says that her son was being bullied and fat-shamed by the other child so he defended himself by picking up the child and slamming him on his feet.
The next day, the other child’s parent showed up to the school during lunchtime and struck the victim multiple times with a belt.
The child was taken for an evaluation due to a condition that causes seizures.
“My son could have went into a seizure and died. Anything. You’re just hitting him across the head,” Pollard said.
She reported that she knows the mother who attacked her child and doesn’t understand why she didn’t call her about the situation.
“She has my number, call me. If there was an incident, call me, talk parent to parent. What she did was unacceptable,” she said.
Pollard also told reporters that she is also concerned about how the woman was able to get to her child on the school’s campus.
“How did this lady get this far, was able to hit my child multiple times, and you saw it wasn’t broken up, she walked out calmly,” she said. “My child wasn’t safe. My son was bullied by her son, and then bullied by the mom.”