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Mother outraged after 7-year-old forced off bus at wrong stop

A mother is outraged after a substitute school bus driver forced her 7-year-old son off of the bus at the wrong bus stop.
The incident occurred in Omaha, Nebraska
Thankfully the child recognized the home of one of his friends and rang the doorbell.
Ring doorbell footage shows the child visibly upset and asking for his friend’s mother:
“My bus driver just left me out here,” the child said through tears. “I don’t want my mom to worry about me.”
The friend’s mother Madison Bilsteen, told Inside Edition that she arrived home two minutes before the child knocked on her door.
She then invited the child in and contacted his mother:
“He thought he was going to be lost forever, is what he kept saying. He thought he was never going to find his parents. He thought he was never coming home,” Bilsteen said.
The child’s mom says she is extremely grateful for Bilsteen and couldn’t imagine what would have happened if she was not there.
“I owe you everything,” Makayla, the child’s mother said.
The school board has sent out a message saying that the mistake was made because they did not have the correct address on file for the child.
They also reported that the driver will no longer work for their district.
Makayla says she gave the district the proper address.