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Mother of two boys- aged five and six – says she won’t stop breastfeeding until they decide it’s time on their own

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Sheryl Wynne of Wakefiled, West Yorkshire, England still breastfeeds her two boys – aged five and six – before and after school and says she won’t stop until they decide it’s time on their own.

Wynne insists that breastfeeding her school-age sons is completely normal as it has cemented a lifelong bond between them and made them “closer”.

The 39-year-old nurses both Riley, six, and Mylo, five, before school, in the evening and throughout the night.

Sheryl claims ‘mommy milk’ is the ‘ultimate parenting tool’ as it helps calm the children and comforts them when they’re upset or ill.

However, the mom-of-two admits she does receive negative comments from strangers and even family members, who question if the ‘way her children behave’ is anything to do with them being breastfed still – but Sheryl says ‘that’s children’.

Although she’d originally planned to stop breastfeeding the boys when Riley was three, she wants them to be part of the decision – and one son said he won’t stop until he’s ten.