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Mother of four arrested after child runs away

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A mother of four is now facing child neglect charges after one of her children ran away from home.

Police in West Palm reported that they were called to the area of North Flagler Drive at about 8:30 a.m. after the mother called police to report her 8-year-old daughter missing.

The West Palm Beach Police Department used K-9’s to search for the child and located her about 30 minutes after the call. The child attempted to run from authorities, however, police were able to get ahold of her.

While authorities were able to recover the 8-year-old child, they noted that the other children who ranged between 7-months to 8-years-old, appeared to be dirty, frail and underweight.

Investigators also found that the children were not enrolled in school and there was no record of homeschooling statuses.

When authorities spoke to the eight-year-old child, the child told them that she was being punished for taking food when she was hungry and locked in her room.

She also told authorities that other punishments she was forced to endure were being “forced to compulsively brush her teeth” and being put in an ice-cold shower.

The Florida Department of Children and Family Services have since removed all of the children from the household.

The mother was charged with child neglect and has since been released from jail after posting bond.