Mother of Child in Viral Easter Bunny Video is Upset with Daycare

Easter basket with colorful eggs in grass.

The mother of a young girl who is the subject of a viral Easter video says she is not only upset about the daycare’s actions in recording and posting the video of her child without her permission, but she is also upset that the community has found joy out of a terrifying moment for her child.

The video posted last week shows the daycare surprising the children with a visit from the Easter bunny. Instead of the moment being a happy occasion, the children including Cassandra Bryson’s daughter, run in terror.

Cassandra Bryson told reporters at WESH-TV that she signed a waiver with the daycare center that should have prevented them from recording or photographing her child.

Since the video has been published, it has been viewed thousands of times and was even featured on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

The owner of the daycare center says they are looking into the incident and whether staff members violated any policies.



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