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Mother attacks school bus driver for dropping children off late

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A mother is now facing charges after she attacked a school bus driver after the bus driver dropped the children off over an hour later than expected.
The incident occurred on August 17 in the Clark County School district.
Authorities say 37-year-old Elizabeth Tanner and two other parents jumped on the bus and confronted the bus driver for his tardiness.
Officials say while three parents entered the bus, Tanner was the only one who became physically abusive with the driver.
According to the report, Tanner struck the driver four times in the face before exiting the bus. Another parent also took a swing at the driver but reportedly missed.
The driver told authorities that he was late to the bus stop because he had to pull over several times in an effort to control the children.
According to his report, the children were climbing over seats, putting tape over the security camera, and pulling on the emergency window.
At one point, one of the students even grabbed the steering wheel and tried to drive the bus themselves.
After an extensive investigation, authorities identified the parents who were involved.
Tanner has since been taken into custody and was charged with battery on a protected person, child abuse, neglect, destruction of property of another, interfering with a student from attending school, and burglary of a motor vehicle.