Mother and grandmother arrested after days-old infant found covered in ants

Laurel County Correctional Center

Two women with outstanding warrants have added new charges to their list after they were found to be driving around town with a 16-day old infant on the floor of their car.

The incident occurred in London, Kentucky Thursday.

Officials say both 32-year-old Rebeca Jean Fultz and her mother, 69-year-old Charolotte J. Simpson were pulled over for outstanding warrants Thursday around 7:30 pm.

While authorities conducted the arrest, Fultz informed them that her newborn was in the car. Officials reported that they could not find the infant at first, because she was not strapped into a car seat. The infant was later found on the floor of the vehicle between the passenger and front seat.

Officials also reported that the infant was covered in ants, had a soiled diaper, and was laid amongst trash, an unsecured flat-screen television, and seemed to be having trouble breathing.

The infant was taken to an area hospital where their condition was said to have since improved. The infant is still, however, being treated for dehydration, and will be turned over to social services.

As for the child’s mother and grandmother, they have been taken to a local jail where they face child abuse charges along with their warrants.