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Mother and grandmother arrested after baby brought to hospital with fractured skull

Carter County Sheriff's Department
Carter County Sheriff’s Department

JOHNSON CITY, TN– A Tennesse mother has been charged with child abuse after her 8-month-old son was admitted to a children’s hospital with a fractured skull and a broken arm.
Christina Niles was taken into custody on Monday after the Johnson City Police Department received a call from Niswonger Children’s Hospital in reference to a possible child abuse case.
When investigators spoke to Niles about her child’s injuries, she admitted to throwing a toy truck at him, which hit him in the head.
Niles also admitted to holding the child’s foot over a candle flame for almost two minutes during a previous situation because she “was frustrated.”
The child’s grandmother, Cheryl Hawkes, was also arrested after authorities learned that she knew about the abuse but did nothing to prevent it or help the child.
According to the report, the child was on a ventilator and listed in critical condition after being revived using CPR methods.