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Mother accused of faking daughter’s terminal illness for money

An Ohio mother is under investigation after she allegedly faked her daughter’s terminal illness so that she could get money from concerned community members.

Stark County Family Court says Lindsey Abbuhl tricked the community and her daughter into believing her daughter was terminally ill in order to “obtain funding for trips, housing, and other expenses of the last several years.”

Officials say Abbuhl created a Gofundme account that got over $4,000 in donations that has since been refunded to the donors:

“We are working with local law enforcement officials, and we will continue to support the investigation,” said Ese Esan, communications manager for GoFundMe. “Fundraisers with misuse are very rare, and if a misuse of funds takes place on GoFundMe, donors are protected, and their donations are refunded.”

Abbuhl even went so far as to place her daughter in counseling for the last three years so that the child could” learn how to ‘process her own death,'” according to the child’s counselor.

The pregnant counselor also told investigators that Abbuhl informed her that her daughter “may not be alive” when she returned from her pending maternity leave.

Investigators conducted a forensic interview with the child and found that there was “no medical evidence” to the mother’s claims.

When authorities questioned Abbuhl about her claims, Abbuhl said:

“We did not intentionally do that.”

The child’s father Jamie Abbuhl, claims that he “has no access to medical records,” nor is he allowed “to participate in any medical decisions” following their divorce.  In addition, the Stark County Department of Job and Family Services reported that the father was only allowed court-ordered visitations supervised by the mother.

Jamie Abbuhl has not been charged in the case, however, officials say they are continuing to gather information on Lindsey.

Lindsay is facing abuse and neglect charges pending the investigation.

Her daughter has since been placed in the care of her father.