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Mother accused of abusing child in parking lot

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A Wichita Falls mother is now facing charges after she was caught physically abusing her four- year-old daughter in a parking lot.

The incident occurred at the Target near Kemp Boulevard Saturday afternoon.

Police say they were called to the store after witnesses saw a woman had throw her child to the ground.

When authorities located the woman and her child, she told authorities that she carried the child out of the store because she was having a “temper tantrum.”

The woman then told police that she lost her footing while walking in the snow and it caused her to let go of the child. The child then fell to the ground.

A store employee, however, showed police video of the incident which contradicted the woman’s story.

The video showed striking the child before slamming her to the ground. The woman then put the child into the car.

She was arrested and charged with injury to a child. Her bond was set at $5,000.